The Ibaryath Abar'ishoni UmMaH of The

Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL

A KINGDOM of AhaYaH Commonwealth 

Metòac MonaTon Nu JeRuz, AzarReth,

Isles of Amarucas: North American Republic

IbarYath Abar'Rishoni AmuraKhan InDios Territory

A Principle Peoples Upright in Ehyeh 

Fear NO Man's Face!


-KaSiKa ShâBaī7 ChäZaH CâDōChé YaShaR'aL 

-KaSiKe-Abot ROC StoneFort CâDōChé YaShaR'aL




Since Time Immemorial

The Nation of "Nu JeRuz" Yi'SraeL  Prophetic Purpose

Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Y'iSraeL

A KINGDOM Commonwealth of AhaYaH

Nu Jeruz, AzaReth, Isles Of Amarucas

 Ibaryath Abar'Rishoni AmaruKhan InDios Territory

MISNOMER Americas, American Republic, et al., 


   We, The Sha'Koris, UmMaH of the "Ibri Scriptures,"

Thereof, full-bloodline descendants of the Ancient Ones written therein; birthed forth from the Northern Tribes of YaShaRahLa, having SUPERIOR protections under our immutable Sovereign CreaTor and ONLY High Power over YaShaRahLa, KING AhaYaH's Unchanging Natural "DIVINE" Laws and inferior De Jure Non-Derogable protections under FSIA Jus Cogens International Law;


Therewith, bearing the Jeremiah 1:10 (KJV) prophesied mantle to walk peaceably and harmoniously in the lands our Ancient Ones inhabited since time immemorial: Nu JeRuZ AzaReth misnomered as North America Republic, as much as possible– bound by our Scriptural Laws, and in keeping with the unchanging Natural "Divine" Laws,

charged with the establishment of the "CREATOR" over YaShaRahLa's Sovereign International Kingdom Colony aka "Commonwealth" in earth as it is heaven: Territorial, Jurisdictional Juridical, for the absolute earthly protection of the Ibaryath Abar'rishoni Ywvi scattered throughout the Amarucas: North, South, Central, un-alien-able right to freely serve our Ah'Ba NaWaH AhaYaH as spoken through our Prophet Moshe, in Exodus 8:1 (KJV), et. al., all others; 



O' Yi'SraeL 








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Disclaimer: Anch Kurimeo Ahau, although kindred spirits, is not affiliated, nor currently a Citizen of Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Y'iSraeL.

We DO NOT own the rights to this video or music.  Strictly for educational purposes, only!

We, the  Ibarayth Abar'Rishoni Ywvi of The Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Y'iSraeL, since time immemorial, inhabitants of Nu JeRuz, AzaRetH, Isle of the Amarucas:  Ibaryath Abar'Rishoni Amerikan Indios Territory-Lands of Nephi without the UNITED STATES INC; being birthed forth from two great civilizations, trace our history in the Azareth misnomered as Americas: North, South, Central via our Set-Apart Ancient Books known as the "Two Sticks" et al., all others, confirmed by our Oral Traditions, History, Archeologist, Historians, et. al., scribed in our Scriptures:  2 Esdras 13: 40, 2 Nephi 1, et al., all others;


Thereto, repent for the sins of our ancestors; as well, our own, and returning to The KINGDOM OF HEAVEN for the restoring of The KINGDOM OF AHAYAH, "IN EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN" and the gathering of its Nation's Peoples scattered throughout the four corners of the earth;  to the splendor of our AhaYaH!


                 AnàchNu, “an-akh’noo” /We, Ourselves/  Ha BikKuRim “bik-koor”

/the First fruit/  AsTum “aw-tsoom” /Mighty Numerous Nation/  IbarYath  /Hebrew/ Abar'Rishoni “AHBA'Rigine” /AbOrigine/ UmMaH “oom-maw” /Peoples, Tribes/ of AzaRaTH /Hidden Lands, Scripturally known as the full bloodline descendants of the Ancient Ones –inhabitants of what’s erroneously known as The American Republic “Amarucas” since time immemorial; Scribed in 2 Nephi as Lands of Promise “Choice Lands Above ALL Other Lands” covenanted unto our Ancestor, Lehi accounted for his righteous obedience to our Sovereign CreaTor and ONLY High Power AhaYaH Asher AhaYaH over “We, HIS Invisible Children’s” chen “khane” /unmerited divine favor and assistance given for sanctification in HIS Laws/ as the prophesied awakened, baptized, repented, endowed with unconditional love one for the other, Covenant Keepers and Royal Remnants of the Ancient Ones of YaShaRahLa spoken of in Scriptures; thereto, The Tribal KINGDOM CommonWealth;


AnàchNu, “an-akh’noo” /We, Ourselves/  AhaYaH’s Qa'DasH /Consecrated Saints/, thereof, heirs to the immutable promised inheritance of the “Choice Lands Above ALL Other Lands”  forfeited in times past, raining on the unjust and just alike, by reason of iniquity  /breaking of the Law/, equating the rejection of our CreaTor’s unchanging and immutable Covenant;


Now and forever repatriated, as long as AnàchNu, “an-akh’noo” /We, Ourselves/ walk in TRUTH and unadulterated obedience to the Laws handed down our RoYal-Righteous Lineage, by the Omnipotent Will and Righteous Righthand of our Immutable Sovereign CreaTor and ONLY High Power known of our forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, AhaYaH Asher AhaYaH Ba HaShem YaShaYa Wa RuWach Qa'dasH; by and through HIS earthly colony: The Tribal KINGDOM CommonWealth by way of HIS immutable Tza'rTer Ba'TacH’s /Trust Charter/ having perpetuity in stewardship under the auspices of HIS Chosen “RoYaL KaSiKees /Qatsin, Chief/and RoYaL Counsel of Za'Qans /Elders/ in providential refuge – protection, guidance, governance, covering, responsibility, care, et al, for our CreaTor’s good purpose, pleasure, splendor, esteem in the redemption of The Ibaryath Abar'Rishoni UmMaHs scattered throughout the four-corners of the earth; Therewith, the expansion: rule, reign, dominion, of HIS Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven;



Is It Not Written In Man’s Law” International Law stipulation for the continuance and ultimate resurrection of We, His Invisible Children” RoYaL IbarYath Abar'Rishoni UmMaHs of the earth sovereign birthrights bestowed upon us by Our Sovereign CreaTor, Who changes NOT, before the purported acquisitions of our covenanted Choice Lands Above ALL Lands “AzaReth” MISNOMER Americas, American Republic, et al., ALL Others, by European, et al., ALL Others, imperial forces-NOW occupants, having inferior Forced

De Jure Protections as Private “PROTECTED” Peaceable Noncombatant Civilian-Seeds of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”  under the FSIA Non Derogable Jus Cogens International Customary Laws: Geneva Convention Treaty, International Humanitarian Treaty, International Humanitarian Laws, International Committee of the Red Cross, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, et al., ALL Others;


To Wit: AnàchNu, “an-akh’noo” /We, Ourselves/  Ha BikKuRim “bik-koor” / the First fruit/  AsTum “aw-tsoom” /Mighty Numerous Nation/  IbarYath  /Hebrew/ Abar'Rishoni “AHBA'Rigine” /AbOrigine/ UmMaH “oom-maw” /Peoples, Tribes/ of AzaRaTH /Hidden Lands, lawful Seedlings [Citizenry] of The Tribal KINGDOM CommonWealth, PROCLAIMS Superior Protections under of CreaTor and ONLY High Power AhaYaH Asher AhaYaH and HIS Natural Laws, DECREEING Scriptures: 1st and 2nd STICKS, et. al., ALL Other Qa'DasH MISSING Book, as the Constitution, Divine and Natural Law over our Ancient Lands and its Peoples, in continuity with our Ancient Ancestor and Prophet Lehi’s et al., all others everlasting Covenant with The Most-High AhaYah, Creator over Yi'SraeL for the peace, prosperity, and protection of our immutable sovereign KINGDOM  CommonWealth, and its Ibaryath Abar'Rishoni Peoples, in Earth as it is in Heaven;



Thereby, cleansing, conserving and developing our lands and resources: provision of righteous education and cultural traditions, safety and defense of Yasharahla KINGDOM CommonWealth, re-secure and secured rights to self-governance, self-sustainability, self-determination and private commerce, as scribed in the WORD, for ourselves and righteous generations hereafter, with unalterable un-alien-able Rights, Privileges and Immunities established at the onset of Creation -endowed by our immutable sovereign KING AhaYaH;




For AnàchNu, “an-akh’noo” /We, Ourselves/  Ha BikKuRim “bik-koor” / the First fruit/  AsTum “aw-tsoom” /Mighty Numerous Nation/  IbarYath  /Hebrew/ Abar'Rishoni “AHBA'Rigine” /AbOrigine/ UmMaH “oom-maw” /Peoples, Tribes/ of AzaRaTH /Hidden Lands, “In Earth as it is in Heaven, unto the return of our promised soon coming Mashiach YaShaYaH;   





–So Be It Unto Us and Our Children's Children's Children, Unto the Return of Our Ha'MaShyach YaShaYaH 









RoYaL Patriarch Lineage                                                        RoYaL Matriarch Lineage

Great Great Great Grand Parents Holford                  Great Great Great Grand Parents Burno

Great Great Grand Parents Holford                             Great Great Grand Parents Lawson

Great Great Grand Parents Stephens                          Great Great Grand Parents Burno

Great Grand Parents Holford                                       Great Grand Parents Lawson

Great Grand Parents Stephens.                                    Great Grand Parents Burno  

                                   Edward E. Holford.                                                         George Lawson

Katherine Arnoe                                                             Elnora Lawson Burno

Una Bishop                                                                     Bernice Burno

                                                                                         Cora Burno Holder

                                                                                         Verna Holder

Robert Arnoe Holford                                                    Annis C. Holford

Winston Holford

Lloyd Bishop


Out ofAsher his bread shall be fat, and he shall yield royal dainties (Genesis 49:20 KJV)

         Gad, a troupe shall ouercome him; but he shall ouercome at last! (Genesis 49:19 KJ)                


Sha'Kori Nation-State Rescinded Citizenship(s)...

Let It Be Known, the below-listed people have rescinded their Seedling[ship] and are NO LONGER Seedlings of the Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL KINGDOM Commonwealth:

  •  Yahudah YaShaRàL

  • YarRa ZaKia YaShaRàL AKA Glenda C. Holford

  • AdaYa NesSa YaShaRàL AKA Sinna H. Lewis


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The Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL

A KINGDOM Commonwealth of AhaYaH

MeTòac MonaTon Nu JeRuZ AzaReth

IbarYath Abar'Rishoni AmaruKan InDios Territory


Americas, American Republic, et al., ALL Others

Gen 49:19     Gen 49:8-12    Gen 49:27      Gen 49:5-7    Gen 48:13-20     Gen 48:13-20   Gen 49:5-6     Gen 49:13        Gen 49:3-4       Gen 49:20      Gen 14-15    Gen 49:21