The Ibaryath Abar'Rishoni Ywvi of the Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL Royal KaSiKa ShâBī (Sea'Ven) "Dinah-Deas" CâDōcChé Yashar'al proudly traces her Royal Ibaryath "Abar'Rishoni"American Indian lineage to the Days of Antiquity written of in Scriptures, birthed forth from the Northern Tribes of Yisrael,having her ancestors fleeing Roman persecution; being the first Peoples to arrive in Azareth (hidden land) aka Americas by way of 2 Esdras 13:39-48 (KJV); to wit was consecrated unto her bloodline ancestors as written in 2 Nephi 1; making the KaSiKa what the world calls a "full-blooded Indian," her father was what the world calls an Arawak Indian and the people Christopher Columbus first encountered and described as looking like Ethiopians when he arrived in the Americas and her mother is what the world calls AniYunWiya Indian; both lineages confirmed not only in the  Hebrew Scriptures but in the Books of MorHebrews (Mormon).


Our beloved KaSika holds FNAP-E Post Graduate iAbar'Rishoni International Counsel At Law  Diploma, an earned Doctorate Degree in Christian Education, a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education, and Bachelors Degree in Business Management; as well, is a Chaplain and Kingdom Entrepreneur–together with her husband, KaSike–Abot ROC StoneFort, is the founder of Scattered  Tribes Enterprise, 4-Corners,  First Learners Oasis, iCovenant Congregation

Prep, the Guardian Academy, NO Slack Zone Blog, and Blog Talk Radio, RPAAUYM, and other Tribal Ministries that operate without the United States and under the auspice of Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL Imuttable Sovereign State. KaSiKa has authored three books and is the co-founder of First Nation Advocacy Group; serving as Ambassador to First Nations "Abar'Rishoni" Peoples Embassy: North, South, and Central Americas. 


KaSiKa  ShâBi and KaSiKe ROC enjoy life as empty nesters, primary caretakers of Tribe's Patriarch and Matriarchs; loving grandparents to four Hebrew Princesses, and surrogate parents to a Princess Pomeranian who knows not that she's a canine.  We give thanks daily to the Alahyam of the Ibaryath Israelites for not thinking it too much to favor us with the stewardship of HIS Chosen Peoples, indwelling us to the uttermost with Ruach's wisdom to serve in KINGDOM excellence. 

Chief Galiquogi "Sea'Ven Cadoche

Let It Be Forever Known. . . 


The Ibaryath Aba'Rishoni Ywvi of Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Y'iSraeL honors our Abot "Patriarch" as the head and covering of our Sovereign Tribal Nation-State 


KaSiKa ShâBī CâdōChé has inherited her divine appointment by royal bloodline traced to the Americas.



gives honor to her husband, KaSike–Abot ROC StoneFort, from the Tribe of Judah,  as the Patriarch over the Nation.



I would have you know, that the Head 

of every  Ibaryath Man is HaMashiach;

and the Head of every Ibaryath Woman

is the Ibaryath Man;

and the Head of HaMashiach is

Ah'ba Na'wa Ha'WaH–


1 Corinthians  11:3 (KJV)

KaSiKees' NaGad Quotes

"Righteous Leadership is birthed forth from the womb and exalted in its due season; being the divine appointment by He who sent thee, Ah'ba Na'Wa AhaYaH!


    Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv YiSraeL,

                                KiSiKees, 2019



Miss Messiah: The Revealing of the Feminine Era

Video Lesson by: Brother Akwetey Basil Amaah

The SPIRIT OF THE MATRIARCH is that of birth, spiritual wholeness, and completion; being the pinnacle of AH'BA  NA'WA AHAYAH's creation-the crown of humanity, purposed to be complementary to that of the Patriarch who is the spiritual head, covering, and protection of the family and the Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Y'iSraeL.  Hence, both the Patriarch and Matriarch are needed to build AH'BA NA'WA AHAYAH's KINGDOM in harmony with SCRIPTURES. 

Let AhaYah,

The Creator of the spirits of flesh, set a man (KaSike ROC) over the congregation, Which may go out before them, and which may bring them out, and which may bring them in, that the congregation of The Creator be not as sheep which have no shepherd...

Numbers 27: 16-17KJV


Deborah (KaSiKa ShaBi), a Prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth (KaSike ROC StoneFort), she judged Israel at that time...

Judges 4:4-5KJV

Royal KiSiKees ROC & ShâBī