Beautiful Landscape

YaShaRahLa KINGDOM Commonwealth

ShaKori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL, KaSiKa TzēDaKaH


NaTuRaL Law TribunaL

     True Court of Record


RoYaL Chief Judge


RoYaL KâSiKà TzēDáKaH

Dr. :Shâbaī7-ChàZaH  YaShaRàL

It is for "We, HIS Invisible Children" REPATRIATED Seed of our Founding Forefathers: AvraHaM, iSaaC, JaCoB; being "We, HIS Invisible Children" reasonable duty in these lands given to REPENT & RETURN to the ORIGINAL Covenant ESTABLISHED between "We, HIS us, nInvisible Children" and ONLY IMMUTABLE SOVEREIGN OVER YaShaRahLà KINGDOM CommonWealth, AhaYaH AsheR AhaYaH (Lev 26:46); choosing the narrow path of righteous REDEMPTION in determining the direction, destiny, sustainability, et al., ALL Others, of our immutable sovereign KINGDOM CommonWealth and its Peaceful Peoples –NOT a Foreign Occupant Military Government: The Act of 1871 United States 28 U.S. Code 3002.15 (A)(B)(C), nor its instrumentalities; which are DEVOID of ALL sovereignty; as well, jurisdictional  authority without the nine square mile parcel, MISNOMER, Washington, District of Columbia

                       –RoYalL KaSiKa TzēDaKaH,

                                                       Dr. :Shâbaī7-CháZaH :YaShaRàL



RoYaL KaSika TzēDaKaH, Dr. :Shábaī7-CháZaH :YaShaRahLa, has been tried, tested, adjudicated, and judged NOT guilty by our Sovereign KING AhaYaH; trained on the battlefield at the feet of KING AhaYaH under the tutelage of Prophets of Old; inclusive

of YaShaYaH, Deborah the Prophetess and MoSes –sprinkled with so many others; Simultaneouslypreserved, and "Hidden in the Palace" for such a time as this.


Therewith, anointed, appointed, exalted,and  called forth in the "Spirit"

of iSaiaH 61 and Luke 4:18, clothed with JereMiaH 1:10s Prophetic 

Mantle, as well endowed with Ah'Ma Ru'WacH Qa'DasH for the race given her to run;being well equipped in HeaVen's Eternal Laws; as well, "Is It Not Written In Man's Law?" Non Derogable Jus Cogen International Law and Treaties, et al, All Others, for the lawful protection of His repatriated Chosen Elect and Kingdom in earth unto the mirroring of the Kingdom of Heaven; To Wit:Remains our King AhaYaH's Original Purpose and Final Decision in the Matters of ALL Eternity ...

NOTICE:RoYaL KaSiKa TzeDaKaH :Shábaī7-CháZaH :YaShaRàL, as "Chief Judge" possesses the honor to serve as Chief Trust Authority, Absolute Power of Attorney for ALL Repatriated RoYaL Vessels; As well, Judge Advocate General (JAG) providing all aspects of Customary International Law Succor on behalf of our KINGDOM Commonwealth and Peaceable Inhabitants, thereof, pertaining terrorism, hate and war crimes, et al., ALL Others; having the legal and lawful authority to stand before foreign occupant administrative courts, judges, attorneys, lawyers, et al., DEVOID of hindrances.


To Wit: Any foreign agent who seeks to hinder RoYaL KaSiKa TzeDaKaH :Shábaī7-CháZaH :YaShaRàL's RIGHTEOUS ability to serve her Superior Sovereign Country and its Peaceable RoYaL Vessels as ordained by our CreaTor; innerstanding the "Practice of Law" CANNOT be licensed NOR RESTRICTED, IN VIOLATION OF NON DEROGABLE JUS COGEN CUSTOMARY INTERNATIONAL LAW, Shall be SANCTIONED FIVE HUNDRED MILLION FRN

Backed by Gold Per Occurrence, IN PRIVATE AND OFFICIAL CAPACITY.  

This Life  I'm Living


"Denial of a "THING" Does NOT make said "THING" NONEXISTENT; Moreover, That Which is DENIED a Lie!"        -RKT, scy


A CLARION CALL has gone forth beckoning "We, HIS Invisible Children" to RENOUNCE Babylonian Citizenship and RETURN to the ways of our Righteous Ancient One's in the lands of our captivity, so the lands we abide NO longer will be accursed but yield abundance for our KING'S Namesake as scribed in 1 Nephi. RoYaL KaSika TzēDaKaH heard the Trumpet sound over twenty-two years ago and submitted to our KING AhaYaH; leaving old things behind to sit at the feet of our KING, accompanied by Heaven's Greatest Witnesses: Ah'Ma Ru'Wach Qa'DasH, Ha'MaShiacH YaShaYaH, Prophets and Apostles. It was those years she received her spiritual training and fortitude that outweighed all the years she spent getting an education in Babylon; preparing her for the assignment our KING had ALREADY prepared for her to walk-in.  Our benevolent Ah'Ba and Sovereign KING AhaYaH has called our beloved KaSiKa TzēDaKaH Shabī7 CháZaH forth with the anointing of Prophetess Deborah, sprinkled with that of Enoch, Job, Ezekiel, Paul and others, this season and time to govern HIS KINGDOM Commonwealth according to HIS SOVEREIGN RULE, REIGN, AND WORD; Therewith, set over nations and kingdoms to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build up and plant; being the wife of KaSiKe ROC StoneFort who stands SOLID as her Priest, Prophet, King and Covering for the expansion of the KINGDOM of AhaYaH in Earth as it is in HEAVEN; both being called anointed and appointed in complimentary rolls to the good splendor of our KING AhaYaH ASher AhaYaH, Ba'HaShem YaShaYaH Wa Ah'Ma Ru'WacH Qa'DasH...