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iSAY Chaa'KaH
"Customs" Lived Out LOUD in Community

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Why the Name AhaYaH?
Credit: Hebrew Readers


In the Beginning...


IbarYath Abar'Rishoni AmaruKhan InDios Peoples, birthed forth of AntiQuitY, having a Rich Ancient RoYaL Bloodline heritage stemming from AbraHam, IsaaC, and JaCob, through Adam, ORIGINATING in our Ha'MaShiacH YaSha-ImmanueL via the other side of Eternity: To Wit, this generation and every generation hereafter, are persuaded to reconnect with our Qa'DasH KINGDOM Chaá'KaH: Laws, Statutes, Commandments, and Ordinances; Language, SpirituaL and NaTuraL Health and Dietary Traditions, Dress and Other Artistic Expressions; Children, Family, and Community Traditions, Development, and Sustaining thereof; Commerce and Inter National Relations, et al., ALL Others, in accordance with our Qa'DasH Books: First (Scrolls) and Second (Gold Plates) Sticks, and ALL Revealed Hidden Books, thereto; righteously operating and doing KINGDOM business unto the return of our soon-coming King YaSha-ImmanueL, SeLaH


Immersed in the Qa'DasH Order of Melchizedek, after Yi'SraeL's soon

coming King YaSha-ImmanueL, as well Adam, AbraHam, IssaC, JaCob, and ALL Righteous Ancient Ones in between and thereafter, to whom the Righteous Laws, Commandments, Statues, and Ordinances were given;

"We, the RoYaL House of Yi'SraeL" remain governed under the immutable Laws of our

Sovereign KING AhaYaH, as ORIGINALLY purposed, for Righteousness sake unto the exaltation of the ONLY KING over Yi'SraeL and HIS KINGDOM in Earth as it is in HeaVen, SeLaH!


In accordance with Psalms "91 and Numbers 15:38-40, We, The RoYaL House of Yi'SraeL" are fully persuaded to be clothed in modesty, adorning ourselves with earth tone garments, feathers and fringes, with blue borders; woman refraining from wearing that which pertain to men, and men NOT wearing that which pertains to women;

In addition, we  aspire to keep our eye, ear, and heart gates in tuned with that which is righteous and pleasing to our Sovereign KING AhaYaH; ensuring our Artistic Expression remains the "Light' of the World -DEVOID OF DARKNESS, being quick to repent if we fall short, SeLaH!


Our ORIGINAL Ibri "TONGUE" consists of approximately twenty-two pictorial consonants; having each letter being a picture with profound meaning pertaining KINGDOM Chaa'KaH empowering and fueling steadfast obedience to our Sovereign KING AhaYaH and HIS KINGDOM rule;

Innerstanding, in times past disobedience separated our Ancient Ones NOT only from our Sovereign KING, but from our TRUE Identity, Language and Customs thereof, To Wit, for Righteousness Sake, "We, the RoYaL House of Yi'SraeL" are persuaded to restore, SeLaH!


"We, the RoYaL House of Yi'SraeL" being fully persuaded ONLY Righteousness exalts a Nation "Peoples"; thereto, how can two walk together unless they're agreed, hath consecrated our lives unto our KING AhaYaH; purified by SpirituaL and Water Immersion, thus committed to LIVE OUT LOUD in community –in DAILY repenting, practicing humility, love, charity, and forgiveness, righteousness, justice unto the building of KING AhaYaH's KINGDOM in Earth, as it is in HeaVen. ..Ergo, that which is NOT tolerated in the KINGDOM of HeaVen, SHAN'T be tolerated in HIS KINGDOM in Earth, WITHOUT thought or compromise, SeLaH!

SpirituaL, NaTuRaL Health, and Dietary Traditions

We, the RoYaL House of Yi'SraeL" hath been persuaded in order to have optimum relationship with our Sovereign KING AhaYaH, "Temple Matters!"

As Such, much like the Essene, we DO NOT eat flesh, inclusive of meat, fish, eggs, dairy, et al., ALL others, whose life remains in the blood; NOR do we take pleasure in wines and liquors; essentially eating raw foods: fruits, nuts, vegetables, sprouted breads, et al., ALL Others;

Further, convicted our body is our Qa'DasH Temple, we strive to keep our bodies healthy, choosing natural healing over pharmaceutical, NOT to partake in drugs; having sex in the confines of Qa'DasH Matrimony ONLY: One Man + One Woman + KING AhaYaH, unto earthly transition, we do part, SeLaH


Luke 19: 13 admonishes, "We, the RoYaL House of Yi'SraeL to conduct KINGDOM business until the return of our King YaSha-ImmanueL; Therefore,  ALL earthly works, inclusive of earnings from Babylon, are consecrated unto our Sovereign KING AhaYaH for the building up of HIS KINGDOM in Earth as it is in HeaVen, SeLaH!


I Have Set Watchman on                        Your Walls, SeLaH!

Aha.  YaQaR.  NaKaR.

Shami YaShaRáLa AhaYaH AhLaHaYa NaWa AhaYaH Ahchaad...


MARK 12:30-31...

Sha'Kori Peoples Aha our CreaTor KING AhaYaH with ALL Our Heart, Soul, Mind and Strengths; Honoring Our Brethren as Ourselves and Respecting ALL Creation as the Very Breath of Our CreaTor KING AhaYaH, Ba Ha'Shem YaSha-ImmanueL, Ah'Ma Ru'WacH Qa'DasH, SeLaH! SeLaH! SeLaH!

                            COMMANDED HIGH QA'DASH DAYS

New Year/New Month/Spring Qa'DasH Day Passover                              Communion Night

M-rch 4th 2023                                                                           M-rch 17th 2023

Celebration of Unleavened Bread                                                      Firstfruits/Celebration of Weeks

M-rch 18th -M-rch 24th (7 Day Celebration,                                        M-y 6th 2023

Celebration 1st Day: M-r 18th-9th;

7th Day: M-r 24th-25th)

Summer Qa'DasH Day/New Month                                                    Fall Qa'DasH Day/New Month-Blowing of the Trumpets

J-ne 3rd 2023                                                                             S-ptember 2nd 2023

Day of Atonement                                                                         Memorial of Tabernacles

S-ptember 11, 2023                                                                       S-ptember 16th -S-ptember 23rd 2023 (8 Days Memorial:

                                                                                               1st Day S-ptember 16th-17th; 8th Day S-ptember 23rd-24th)

Winter Qa'DasH Day/New Month

D-cember 2nd 2023

Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at
Mountains and Lake

***Sha'Kori Doesn't Own Rights to KINGDOM Song*** 

Epic Movie Scene From Green Pastures 1936

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"YaShaRàhLa KINGDOM CommonWealth's Sovereign KING hath brought again Zion.  KING AhaYaH hath redeemed "We, HIS People,
YaShaRaL, According to the Election of Reprieve", which was brought to pass by Trust and the covenant of our fathers, KING AhaYaH hath redeemed HIS Chosen People; And hasatan is bound and time is no longer.  KING AhaYaH hath gathered all things in one, KING AhaYaH brought down Zion from above.  KING AhaYaH hath brought up Zion from beneath.  the earth hath travailed and brought forth her strength; And TRUTH is established in her bowels; And the HeaVens smiled upon her; And She is clothed with the splendor of her KING; for KING AhaYaH stands in the midst of HIS Chosen People.  SPLENDOR, and HONOR, and POWER, and MIGHT, be ascribed to YaShaRàhLa's sovereign KING AhaYaH Ba'HaShem YaSha-ImmanueL Wa Ah'Ma Ru'WacH Qa'DasH, for HE alone if full of Benevolence, Justice, Sha'Lam, and TRUTH, SeLaH!"
                                                                                                                                                YKC QA'DASH D&C 84:99-102 NATIONAL ANTHEM

3D Tabernacle | Messages of Ha'MaShaicH

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