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2020/03/13 WASHINGTON D.C.  Donald Trump Declares National Emergency

Donald Trump, the appointed forty-fifth President of the occupied United States Inc, issued a Proclamation On Declaring A National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak that seemingly has spread globally, using the powers vested in him by the United States of America (minor) Constitution, as well, its laws, inclusive of section 201 and 301 of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) and consistent with section 1135 of the Social Security Act (SSA), as amended (42 U.S.C. 1320b-5), to effectively shut down the United States Inc. and placing its chattel citizenry under self-contained quarantine under the guise of its instrumentalities: federal state, local taking preventative and proactive measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 while treating those affected.

Several sources state COVID 19 is patented by the notorious Bill Gates Foundation; alluding to the fact that United State Inc's satanic one-percenters, known to be the powers behind "SES" Senior Executive Service Shadow Government or Deep State, seeking to maintain humanity under 500,000,000, as written on The Georgia Guidestones will stop at nothing in the continuance of their daddy hasatan's mission to totally annihilate AHAYAH'S Chosen Elect; even at the expense of the entire world's population; giving credence to Donald Trumps Executive Order 13818: NATIONAL EMERGENCY signed on 2017/20/12, regarding the corruption of the shadow "minor" government (SES, Deep State), including its funding activities in money laundering, drug, and human trafficking, pedophilia, intellectual property theft which can be used as the authority to prosecute government corruption. To wit, bears witness for the extreme measures taken under the guise of controlling the spread of COVID 29, which is no more dangerous than the diverse strands of the flu virus.

In said light, The Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL KaSikees make the following PUBLIC STATEMENT:


We, the Royal KaSiKees of the Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL, MeTòac MonaTon, Nu Jeruz Azareth, on the Isles of Amarucas: North America, commonly known as The United States of America Republic, hereby give lawful notice to the United States, Inc, its instrumentalities, entities, and agencies: federal, state, and local; inclusive of its appointed President Donald Trump, high-level ranking officials, et. al. all others, that during this time of the occupied United States Inc., COVID 19 State of Emergency-EXECUTIVE ORDER 13818, Martial Law, et. al., all others, The Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL remains an immutable separate and sovereign body politic "State" as recorded in law TXS Republic Reg #2010015470, Reg #2018047769, Reg #2010015471, under the immutable covering of our Creator Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, having plenary protection under Non-Derogable Jus Cogens Peremptory Norms Customary International Laws, et. al., to wit, NO municipal rule may be relied upon as justification for violating; even amongst the most persistent-in-resistance states; inclusive but not limited to the United States Inc., 28 U.S.C. Section 3002.15(a)(B)(C), created under the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 establishment of a District Corporation "ten-mile square parcel" of federal territorial jurisdiction, to which the United States Inc., exercise governmental authority inclusive of all military and law enforcement agencies and its agent officers over its legal chattel citizens, ONLY; thereto, devoid of judicial and jurisdictional  authority over the lawful Citizenry of Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL

Therewith, We, the Royal KaSikees of Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL, in good faith and international diplomacy in accordance to the Law of Nations, et. al., acknowledges the authority given unto the appointed President of the occupied United States Inc., Donald Trump, therein, with cooperation, as much as "Stately" possible; being devoid of breaches of The Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL sovereignty; as well, un-a-lien-able rights of its lawful repatriated Citizenry (The TXS. Republic Reg #2019062040), of whom DO NOT WAIVE implicit or explicit FSIA Immune standing and status as an International recognized  Ibaryath Abar'Rishoni American Indian–Foreign National, nonresident inhabitant without the United States "Minor" Inc; being the de jure Isles of the Amarucas, commonly known as The United States Of America Republic "Major" inhabited by The Sha'Kori Ywvi's Ancient Ones since time immemorial; thereto, having served notice of The Citizenry of Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL Right-to-Travel: NYS DOT #70172400000112618857 RESTRICTED. DO NOT Interrogate. DO NOT Detain List, devoid of the illegal and unlawful impediments of occupied foreign states' statutes, codes, regulations, policies, executive orders, et. al., all others; inclusive of but not limited to the declared state of emergency and/or martial law; Noting, the most important feature of The Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL power is its sovereignty which requires supremacy internally and independence externally, regardless of its size, to wit, the KaSikees do not yield; instituting the minimum of twenty-five million U.S. Dollars backed by gold/oil sanctions against ALL aggressors, both in their individual and official capacities, during the Foreign Belligerent Occupant Military Government: Act of 1871 United States, et al., ALL Others, Declared State of Emergency-Martial Law, as scribed in this lawful International Public Declarative Statement.  

The Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL KINGDOM Commonwealth's RoYaL VesseLs understand their cooperation is expected, as much as possible; devoid of
un-a-lien-able rights violations; 

 United States Inc. its instrumentalities: federal, state, local; inclusive of appointed President Donald Trump, high ranking officials, et. al., all others may locate The Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL International And Foreign Law Protocol on website or call 516.939.4WAY for assistance.



KaSiKees ROC StoneFort and ShâBī CâDōChé YaSharál

Sha'Kori AyeliUdotlvsv Yi'SraeL KINGDOM Commonwealth

Isles of AtLanTis MaYacH Arsäreth, Nu JeRuZ

 Ibaryath Abar'Rishoni AmaruKhan InDios NaTionaL Territory
MISNOMER Act of 1871 United States, et al., ALL Others


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